Writing: Format Doesn’t Matter

Imagine, you have just uploaded that last chapter of the book you were in the process of writing. You feel amazing, like you can do anything. You post all around social media with the link to that final chapter that you worked so hard on, then one comment changed that whole attitude.

“This doesn’t count as an actual book.”

Last time I checked, writing is writing, no matter the format. Nobody has a right to tell anybody else what is and isn’t considered a book, it doesn’t matter if it is a book posted online or a physical book on a shelf. People work so hard on these books, just to be put down by ignorant people who could probably never do the same. Being a writer on the website “Wattpad”, I find it quite offensive for the pieces of writing I post not to be considered an actual story by some people. Last time I checked, it has characters, a plot, a setting, a conflict, and adequate grammar.

I wonder how many of the people saying this has an actual idea how hard it is to write anything, because I can tell you that it is not easy. Typically, I have to rewrite a chapter one or two times before I am satisfied with it. I honestly do not want to hear that my writing cannot be considered “an actual piece of writing”, because I work just as hard as any best selling author does. I do not just slap a bunch of words into a document and call it a day, I plan out what I need to happen in my chapters and do spend a lot of time thinking about my books.

Writing means a lot to me, and to be downgraded because I am not a “Best Selling Author” or “are not professional enough” is truly not just offensive to me, but to others like me.

A lot of people on Wattpad are typically between the ages of 13-18, so sometimes you shouldn’t expect an award winning book, but you should at least acknowledge the fact there are talented writers on there that do have a lot of potential.

Writing is one of those things that you can’t just classify by whether or not you can find the book on a shelf in a bookstore, there are a lot of new media’s and formats that new and old writers alike are going to. Wattpad is one of those places, there are many other places people are going to post their work for the world to see as well.

A writer is a writer, no matter the format. That is the fact of the matter.

A special thanks to Brianna Dream (Wattpad: @Brianna_Dream) for contributing to The Authentic Artist.  Make sure to check out her works on Wattpad!


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