No Matter What They Say

As a child I walked into stores in search of a book,

I never had a particular one in mind, I just needed me hands on some work of art.

I did not judge a book by the cover, author, size, or reading level —

But on the interest level from the first few pages.

The stories captivated me, drew me away from the horrors of reality,

And inspired me to venture into my own writing.


I remember typing away at a very young age

On my mother’s old laptop — all caps, no punctuation.

It was not about whether or not my story was good — I enjoyed writing it.

As a freshman in high school, I found a site called Wattpad,

The perfect opportunity to read all the books I want, and for free!

As I randomly selected some books to put in my library, I was excited.

The first few lines of a certain novel not only cause my addiction,

But persuaded me to publish my own works.

Three weeks later, I finished writing my first novel.

I published it onto Wattpad, along with several other stories,

And will never stop.


It was the early trips to Barnes and Noble

That gave me my passion to write.

It was the boredom that urged me to join the site

That forever changed my life.

It was stories, the words, the communication.

It was a way to escape from that petty problem in life.

It was a way to meet new people, who you feel connected to,

Though you will never actually meet,

Only because they live inside a book.

Whether it be Hermione or Keeley,

They’re two of my best friends,

Who inspired me to be where I am today.

A book is a book, no matter the format.

An author is an author, no matter the age.

Talent is talent, no matter what they say.



Thank you to A. L. Woodson (Wattpad user: OrangeCrushToucan) for this poem!


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