How to Submit

If you are ready to submit, then we are ready to take a look!

Please allow for a ten day response within submitting your piece.  We try to respond as quickly as possible, but, you know, life.

There are two different ways to submit written works, and one way to submit media (pictures, videos – basically anything not written!).  Please submit accordingly.

For written works


  1. Have your work saved in a Word document.  The first page of the document should include:
  • your name (as how you want it presented in your by-line)
  • email (so we can let you know whether or not we accept your work/if changes need to be made)
  • social media and blog links (so that our readers can find you elsewhere)
  • a quick one-two sentences on what you are submitting (for example: “I am submitting an editorial on #WattpadBooksAreRealBooksToo, which includes how Wattpad books effected my personal life.”)

2. Upload your work to our Dropbox!

Here is the link:

And voila, your work has been uploaded!


Google Docs:

  1. Have your work saved on a google doc, with the first page including the same information as for Dropbox.
  2. Share the Google Doc with


For media


  1. Simply send us an email at
  2. Have the subject be – The Authentic Artist Media Submission.
  3. In the body of the email, please include the following:
    1. Your name
    2. Social media/blog links
    3. One-two sentences on what you are submitting
  4. Then, please attach your media and we will respond shortly!
  5. The more media you attach the better!  For example, submitting three photographs instead of just one will enhance the post, and bring you a better audience.