Serialized Chapter

If you are interested in serializing a story here (or just a few chapters to give readers a taste), then please continue reading on!  However, if you would like to just submit a short story, then read how to submit that here.

We would like to begin by saying that we would offer you full rights over your story.  By publishing your story onto The Authentic Artist, we do not own your story at all, nor will we try to modify any part of your story.

That being said, we also want to begin by stating that not all stories will be accepted.  We do not want to change your story to fit within our guidelines, so if it does not meet certain guidelines, it will most likely be rejected.

Our (minimal) guidelines:

  1. Like all of our submissions, there is no required length.
  2. We do not restrict stories that contain ‘controversial’ topics, but we will reject any story that contains hate/prejudice.
  3. The story must be your original work with original characters.  (Fanfiction is accepted.)
  4. Keep it appropriate for all ages to read!

If you are interested in sharing your work with us, we would be honored to read it.  You can submit it via either Google Docs or Dropbox.

Share the Google Doc with

Or send it via Dropbox:

We ask that on the first page of either the Word Document or Google Doc, you include the following information:

  • Your name
  • Email address (even if you shared it via Google Doc)
  • Story Title
  • Genre
  • How many chapters you are interested in sharing
  • Word count
  • Average word count of each chapter

On the second page, you can begin including your story.  If you want to publish your entire novel onto The Authentic Artist, then please include the story in its entirety.  If you only want to share five chapters, then include those five chapters.

We aim to get back to you soon as possible.  As this is a new process, we are not sure how many submissions we will receive, so bear with us as we are try this out.  If your piece is longer, expect a response within (at most, worst case scenario) twenty days.

We look forward to reading your work!