Submission Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in writing for The Authentic Artist.  We just have a few short guidelines to keep the community comfortable and positive!

  1. There is no required length when submitting a piece.  We want to give you entire creative liberties over your pieces, so that you are not cramming 100 useless words in just to meet requirements.  Please just write however much it takes to fully get your point across, but also keep it concise.  (No one wants to read a novel on here!)
  2. Allow your vocabulary to flourish and be colorful, but keep it appropriate.  We aim for this blog to be appropriate for all ages, so please keep that in mind while writing.  Use that fancy vocabulary word you learned in English class, but don’t use that fancy word you learned in a stressed work environment!
  3. Keep it positive!  Our blog supports positive vibes for all artists and readers, so keep your post within the same mannerism.  Do not talk down about any artist or ‘ugly’ art piece.
  4. All work must be your own!  This sounds pretty straight-forward, but we have zero tolerance for plagiarized work.  The only exception to this is if you are reciting a Shakespearean sonnet/acting out a scene/cover of song, but you must give credit where appropriate.

And that’s all we ask of you!  Pretty fair, right?

If we find that your language is inappropriate or negative, we reserve the right to edit it accordingly, without taking away or changing the meaning of your post.  If we find the need to edit, we will first contact you with all changes for you to approve before we publish the piece.